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Root Canal

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Root Canals: Saving Your Tooth at East Peak Dental

At East Peak Dental, we are dedicated to helping our patients overcome challenging dental issues. One common and difficult challenge is tooth loss. We are committed to assisting you in fighting tooth loss every step of the way. When a tooth is deeply infected, we can often save it through root canal therapy. This procedure allows you to preserve your natural tooth and avoid the need for costly tooth replacement options like dentures or dental implants.

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What Is Root Canal Therapy?

When a tooth experiences deep infection or trauma, we can often save it through root canal therapy. This procedure involves the removal of the inner portions of the tooth to protect it from further decay and prevent its removal.

A tooth consists of three layers: enamel (the outermost layer), dentin (beneath the enamel), and the pulp and root at the center. The pulp and root contain living biological material, and when infected, they can lead to tooth failure. If a cavity or trauma affects the pulp or root, a root canal can remove them to save the tooth.

Root Canal Procedure

Our priority in any procedure at East Peak Dental is to ensure your comfort and safety. We administer a local anesthetic and provide dental sedation options if you have dental anxiety.

The procedure begins with the removal of decay using a dental handpiece (drill). Dr. Gordon or Dr. Appelblatt will remove the decay and access the middle of the tooth to clean the pulp and root of the tooth. After removal, we clean the tooth's interior with an antimicrobial solution to ensure no bacteria remain. We then fill the area with gutta-percha, an inert substance, and finish with a composite dental filling material or dental crown.

Root canal therapy can help you avoid tooth extraction, which can lead to various oral health concerns and the need for costly tooth replacement options.

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